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Teamwork/Seattle, USA Future/Wyoming, USA Desolate/Arizona, USA Connection/Seattle, USA Progression/Tucson, USA Confusion/Seattle, USA Serenity/Santa Fe, USA Freedom/Miami Beach, USA Dry/San Miguel, Mexico Sustainability/New York, USA

Patrick’s love of photography, combined with his strong understanding of what is required to succeed in business, has added considerable value to Getty Images and others for over 25 years. His passion and skill set, coupled with his desire to excel, have solidified his reputation as one of stock photography’s most valuable assets. He also happens to be a great guy.

- Jonathan Klein, Co-founder and CEO: Getty Images

I have valued Patrick’s friendship and counsel for over 25 years. He speaks the language of imagery with amazing fluency. As a result, he has a deep understanding of the power of imagery and the rare ability to identify and produce images that are used on a global basis. Patrick fully embraces the notion that it’s all about making simple, beautiful and elegant photography that will appeal to editors and art directors throughout the world.

- Frans Lanting-Photographer

Informed, engaged, passionate and altogether always a pleasure to work with, Patrick is a friend and counselor to many in the stock industry. His knowledge of commercial imperatives is balanced by his nuanced understanding of the emotional challenges of creative production, maybe because he is an exceptionally fine shooter as well as a veteran executive of the industry.

- Stephen Mayes, CEO: VII

Patrick’s extraordinary knowledge of the opportunities and challenges that image-makers face, not only today, but in the future, is only surpassed by his belief in the potential of images. His unwavering commitment to the medium, passion for working with others and advocacy for excellence, combine to make him a resource unlike any other in art, commerce or education.

- Dennis Keeley, Chair, Department of Photography + Imaging : Art Center College of Design-Pasadena

Patrick’s knowledge of the stock photography industry runs wide and deep. He has a unique understanding of photographers, distributors and picture users and is known to have one of the sharpest eyes in photography. His ability to assess collections, edit, and identify potential revenue streams has proven invaluable to both photographers and photo agencies alike.

- Lauren Wendle, V.P./Publisher: Photo District News (PDN)

Patrick possesses a unique understanding of both the creative and business aspects of stock photography. His enthusiasm is contagious and his ability to inspire and motivate have driven his considerable success. It has always been a pleasure to work with Patrick.

- Gary Shenk, CEO: Corbis

Patrick Donehue has been a staunch supporter of photographer’s rights and interests throughout his career. His knowledge of the stock industry coupled with an uncanny instinct for identifying and understanding rapidly changing business models, make Patrick a valuable advisor.

- Eugene Mopsik, Executive Director: American Society of Media Photographers. (ASMP)

As president of PACA, Patrick brought grace and integrity to the position. He is a patient, strategic and innovative thinker and thrives on being presented with a good challenge. He embraces change with reckless abandon and always with a sense of humor. Patrick is truly one of a kind and is always a joy to work with.

- Cathy Aron, Executive Director: Picture Archive Council of America. (PACA)

As a longtime instructor at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and a charter member of our Photography Mentorship program, Patrick is ideally suited to teach the ins-and-outs of stock photography. His demeanor, patience, and knowledge of the subject makes Patrick the perfect coach and instructor.

- Reid Callanan, Director: Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

Anyone starting on the journey of finding one’s place in the vast and intimidating world of photography needs a teacher, a guide, a trusted friend. And Patrick is all of those to me. Always the patient Zen master, he doesn’t resort to formula or prescription. Instead he reveals the possibilities and that has allowed me to build my own voice and visual vocabulary from within.

- Thom Gourley-Photographer

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