Isolation/Washington D.C., USA Promenade/Florence, Italy Strength/San Francisco, USA Generations/Cape Hatteras, USA Time/Seattle, USA Infinity/Umbria, Italy Destiny/Sedona, USA Fresh/Singapore Bare/Washington State,  USA Ponder/Pennsylvania, USA Commerce/New York, USA Faith/San Miguel, Mexico Elegance/Venice, Italy Community/Cape Hatteras, USA Disruption/Denver, USA Meander/Spello, Italy Deserted/San Miguel, Mexico Descend/Seattle, USA Growth Determination/Tokyo, Japan Future Provoke/Venice, USA
Communication/Orlando, USA Journey/Florence, Italy Adventure/San Francisco, USA Reunion/Cape Hatteras, USA Time/Seattle, USA Durability/Olympia, USA Connection/Dusseldorf, Germany Networking/Seattle, USA Squeeze/Chicago, USA Vulnerable, Phoenix, USA Challenge/New York, USA Risk/Seattle, USA Uniformity/Hong Kong, China Connection/Seattle,  USA Adventure/San Francisco, USA Devotion/Florence, Italy Solitude/Seattle, USA Secluded/London, U.K. Focus Competence/Tokyo, Japan Past/Washington State, USA Freedom/Los Angeles, USA

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