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Patrick Donehue has provided advice, guidance and direction to stock photo agencies, distributors, corporations, and to individual photographers for over 25 years. He consults on all matters pertaining to the production, management and marketing of stock photography and is known for his ability to quickly assess situations and to put into play powerful actions that will provide value and increase revenue potential for his clients.

As a consultant, Patrick specializes in: (click to expand)

Portfolio/Collection Development

Creating a stock photography portfolio is a unique process that is extraordinarily important when showcasing imagery that is produced to be marketed on a global basis. Images must be selected with the greatest care and any concession to perfection must be avoided. Selecting such images often presents one of the greatest challenges for both photographers and collection managers.

Image/Collection Editing

The editing process is often the most difficult task for both photographers and distributors alike. Identifying images that have solid potential and are capable of achieving multiple sales, in multiple markets, requires a special skill set that few possess. A combination of aesthetic and business considerations must be put into play as each image is selected for distribution. These decisions are among the most important decisions that photographers and distributors will need to make as they build a successful offering. Guessing will most often lead to rejection either by distributors, or ultimately, by the marketplace.

Collection Review/Assessment

A periodic collection review is critical in achieving success. Determining revenue potential will, in part, be based on a thorough review of existing work. Identifying both the strengths and weaknesses of a given collection are ongoing processes. Such findings will be an important component in determining options that will need to be carefully considered as collections mature and require refreshing.

Business Plan Assessment & Development

Developing a business plan that will well serve those involved in licensing stock photography is of the utmost importance. This process most often begins with a review and analysis of existing plans. Findings from such a review will form a foundation that will support the building of a sustainable plan that will provide a blueprint for growth.

Strategic Planning

The stock photography environment is dynamic and ever-changing and planning with regard to future opportunities has never been more important. Developing a strategy that will produce and support positive cash flow during disruptive and dynamic market conditions is extraordinarily important. Setting and achieving short and medium term goals are particularly important during these transitional business climates.

Collection Appraisals & Valuations

Collection appraisal and valuation services are available to support estate planning, merger and acquisition activity, etc. Typically such evaluations will require an in depth review of the size and quality of the collection as well as a detailed review of the original files and their supporting metadata. This coupled with an extensive review of the earnings history for a given collection will establish a reasonable baseline for valuation.

Global Distribution Networks

Distributing images via networks with global reach is critically important. Addressing the needs of the traditional markets while expanding appropriately into emerging markets is required to achieve maxim revenue generation. The identification, selection and acceptance into high performing global distribution networks are a requirement for success.

Creative/Trend Research

Knowing what to shoot and how to shoot it in a way that will attract and appeal to image buyers and distributors around the world is crucial. The aggressive and intelligent use of creative research and trends data will meet the targeted needs of image buyers and will ultimately lead to greater revenue potential for both image makers and distributors.

Workflow Review/Analysis

A tight and consistent image workflow that allows imagery to seamlessly flow through production and distribution pipelines is necessary to achieve maximum revenue potential. The importance of solid and effective workflow cannot be overstated, especially as digital technology continues to evolve.

Expert Witness Services

Formal reports and testimony that involve collection valuation, stock photography trade custom, and industry standards and practices are often required to support photographers, photo agencies, corporations and others. Such reports and testimonies are available in both written and oral form once the appropriate review and analysis is completed.

Production Planning

Producing a consistent volume of imagery for the marketplace is one of the keys for ongoing success in stock photography. Pre-production, especially casting, styling, and location scouting are ultra important and will add significant value when executed properly.

Post-Production Analysis

Adding value by selectively applying appropriate digital post-production measures can make a massive difference in boosting the sales potential of a given image. Adding such enhancements in targeted and market-focused manner will led to greater distribution opportunities and ultimately to increased revenue potential.

Staffing, Training, Recruitment

Building a team and managing growth is often one of the most challenging aspects that distributors, corporations and independent photographers face. Assembling the appropriate team with the required set of skills to bring imagery to market on a consistent and ongoing basis is vitally important.

Patrick begins the consultative process by gathering appropriate information from clients and then working with them to set goals and to identify, and put into action, the necessary steps to achieve the desired results. Once the scope of an individual project is determined a plan is developed, timelines are established, and appropriate actions are put into play.

Consulting fees are project-based and depend on the level of activity and resource that is required to meet the client’s needs. A two-hour minimum consultation is required for new clients and can be done either in person or via phone and the internet. Fees for the initial two-hour consultation are charged at $300 per hour. Subsequent fees are dependent on the scope and nature of the particular project. All fees are payable in U.S. Dollars via credit card or by check/money order and are due upon receipt of invoice.

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